St. Philip’s is part of the Diocese of New Westminster (Melissa Skelton is our Diocesan Bishop) which is part of the Anglican Church of Canada. Our parish has several lay and clergy delegates to the diocesan synod and is also an active participant in the diocese.


St. Philip’s is an Incorporated Parish which means that we have a Board of Trustees. The trustees are elected each year at the annual Vestry Meeting (to which all eligible voters are invited to attend). The trustees legally govern the parish but allow a number of other committees to take different responsibilities in the parish. Church Committee makes the major decisions about activities of the parish and the members of Church Committee are also elected at the annual Vestry Meeting. Church Committee gets input from a number of different committees in the parish which bring forth proposals to Church Committee to make a final decision. These subcommittees are:

  • Stewardship Committee
  • Outreach Committee
  • Finance Committee
  • Christian Spiritual Formation Committee
  • Fellowship Committee
  • Liturgical Advisory Council

These committees in turn have other working groups that look after specific areas like the altar guild, the sidespeople, Church School, youth, servers, pastoral care, readers, intercessors, library, gardening, visiting, etc.

St. Philips’ relies on the work of many people giving in response to their gratitude to God of their time, talents and treasure.