Mission Statement

St Philip’s Anglican Church on the west side of Vancouver is an accepting, caring Christian community for people of all ages who are on a journey of faith. We take a thinking Christian approach, encouraging one another to use our minds and experiences to explore our faith. We engage and serve our parish and larger community with vibrant worship, active outreach and enriching programs for adults, youth and children.


  1. To share our active, inclusive Anglican community by welcoming, accepting and supporting all people.
  2. To support and encourage individuals and families on their spiritual journey.
  3. To sustain, nurture, and develop our parish.
  4. To build and maintain active relationships with our local and global communities.
  5. To manage responsibly the gifts of the parish, including resources, time, treasure and talent.

We are...

St. Philip’s is an active, vibrant, inclusive, caring Christian community for people of all ages. We are:

  • A mixture of everyday folk sharing with each other a deepening awareness of the faith within us
  • People searching for more meaning in their contemporary lives
  • Parents seeking to enrich the character of their children and to introduce them to an extended family
  • Children of various ages having fun with each other in a variety of activities
  • Singles making friendships in an open and caring group
  • Seniors sharing their life experiences with the community
  • Musicians finding joy in their music
  • Young people working to make the world a better place