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We’re excited to share with you the St Philip’s 2019 Capital Campaign, Under Our Roof and Beyond Our Walls.  

St Philip’s is a special place for both of us. It’s our spiritual home, our extended family, and the centre of our community. And it’s been all that for nearly five generations of families in Dunbar.  

We are beneficiaries of a priceless legacy, but we are also trustees of a vision. Reinvestment in our physical resources and the programs they enable is a commitment to continue the worship and fellowship which enriches us all. Renewed facilities and expanded programs will help us extend our outreach and share the good news of God in Christ. St. Philip’s can continue to be a community of faith and action for future generations, but we need to work together to make that happen.  

Under Our Roof and Beyond Our Walls is a capital campaign which includes a conversation among parishioners, an opportunity for all of us to reimagine what God is calling us to be at St. Philip’s.  

Over the next weeks, visitors will call on you to talk about how to restore, renew, and reimagine St. Philip’s for today and for the future. They will give you a questionnaire entitled Your Voice from the Planning Committee on which to share your ideas for preserving, supporting, and growing the parish. They will leave you with a confidential pledge card to consider prayerfully how much you can contribute over three years to St Philip’s buildings, worship spaces, ministries and programs.  

We look forward to a fruitful campaign which will enable us to live our faith in action as we respond to the question: “What would Jesus do?”  

Craig Wilson and Brian Mix  

P.S.  Feel free to email us at [email protected]