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Dale, Carol and Tim set off from St. Anselm's well provisioned (thank you Kin), dropped off a packet for Blaire at St. Helen's and down to the beach.

No luck at the beach. No one in the portico or Jericho youth hostel, beach T out and about, M up from his tent in the woods across from the army base, which treated us to a full march in kilts and kit MIT bag pipes. How kind of them to think of us!

Highbury & 4th. W, C, T, J, M/M. W had surgery coming up first of October (bowel). J still at Dunbar, studying. W spoke of time in detox, but it may not have taken. A chatty morning, while the S's guard marched by.

Requests for warm shirts (C) & water (M).

4th & Vine in front of Shopper's. New man, we think (not M?) snoozing in a chair, so we left him package and fruit and egg. Sign he had says "homeless but not hopeless, on heroin 7 years, clean 12 years."

Saw old D with his cart of bottles at Burrard and Broadway, and caught up a block up on 7th. Haven't seen him in years. In good form and chatty. His friend, H, turned up. D loves living at Fir. Bit of a chat about hockey.

Wound up with that.