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Volunteer and Program Manager

“Mutual Transformation”

  • This is a 2/3 time position (26 hours per week)
  • Salary includes a benefits package
  • Start date: October 1, 2020
  • Application Closing Date: September 7, 2020

1.0 Overview

The Volunteer and Program Manager is a person supportive of the work and mission of the Anglican Church of Canada, as lived out in Diocese of New Westminster, and is selected by the Board of Management for ratification by the parishes. The Board of Management is comprised of the four (4) rectors of the contributing parishes and their parish liaisons.  The term of the appointment is set by the board, being reviewed annually through a mutual ministry review conducted via the chair of the board.

2.0 Responsibilities  

  • Responsible for operational and financial oversight and general problem solving/guidance for WANM street teams, Angels Program and MCU service teams.
  • Volunteer Management
    • Volunteer Recruitment, Training and Retention—continually recruit new volunteers through effective communications; Mentor and train volunteers, medical residents and social work students engaged in delivery of services to clients; Undertake regular auditing of service delivery to assist in continual improvement; Collaborate with other organizations to share training ideas and programs; Offer meaningful feedback opportunities to continually imporve the program and volunteer experience.
  • Partnerships and Collaboration
    • Maintain and enhance effective relationships with government and other partners, with particular attention to partnerships with the City of Vancouver, BC Housing, UBC Medical and Social Work schools, non-profit housing operators and Westside community programs that support mutual clients
  • Program Management
    • Develop and maintain protocols and processes to enhance existing client case files;
    • Develop and propose to the Leadership Team new opportunities to support clients, and develop plans to execute;
    • Assist the Leadership Team with communications, including meetings with partners, volunteers, and others in the community;
    • Ensure volunteers are trained for their position and adhere to safety and screening protocols;
    • Maintain the program budget, and provide regular reports to the Leadership Team on the organization’s financial status;
    • Responsible for communications with Clergy Leader, Parish Liaisons, KCU teams, and WaNM Outdoor Team Coordinator.
  • Ensure quarterly articles are written for Topic, the official publication of the Diocese of New Westminster
  • Write an annual report for the parish liaisons to submit to their parish for Vestry.
  • Oversee training of all volunteers for street outreach and MCU, including on-site training, problem solving, and presentations to UBC Medical residents. Assist with on-site training for UBC Social Work students during their practica;
  • Liaise with government regarding programs and client benefits;
  • Coordinate monthly rota for MCU;
  • Assist Board of Management with hiring and supervision of employees, and supervise paid staff;
  • Assist Board of Management in preparing grant applications (e.g., City of Vancouver, care+share, Canada Summer Jobs, Anglican Church Women) and monitor adherence to grant requirements;
  • Responsible for operational and financial reporting to the Board of Management, including preparation and monitoring of annual budget.
  • Reports to, and is supervised by the co-chairs of the board of management

3.0 Qualifications/Requirements


  • Collaborative team worker, committed to the purpose of the Neighbourhood Ministry, and supportive of all of its combined parishes, the Diocese of New Westminster, and the National Church.
  • Ability to inspire volunteers in their service to the homeless and vulnerable, through the unique charisms of the Neighbourhood Ministry.
  • Listening skills are an asset as they participate in the life of the parishes, ministry sites, and engaging directly with clients, support workers, and various levels of administration throughout the ministry.
  • Understands the need for and maintains strict confidentiality, while working collaboratively.
  • Seeks to understand the perspectives and interests of others and respects differences where they may occur.
  • Build effective relationships with all members of the ministry, including parishes, volunteers, levels of government and local authorities, as helpful.
  • Develop their successor, with available neighbourhood ministry resources.
  • Attend and present at the Annual Meeting.
  • Ensure compliance with Screening in Faith policy is maintained through renewal of PRC/VSC and Safe Church policy training as required.
  • Attend and participate in meetings of the ministry; provide information to the parishes as needed.


  • Excellent communication skills, oral and written;
  • Experience developing and maintaining websites and preparing newsletters;
  • Experience developing and delivering training programs;
  • Basic knowledge of government benefit programs available to homeless and low income people in BC;
  • Experience developing and maintaining budgets;
  • Grant writing and reporting experience.


  • Degree in Social Work, Communications or equivalent;
  • 5+ years experience in a professional setting (non-profit or equivalent) in program delivery, including work with volunteers and Boards


  • The Neighbourhood Ministry Handbook
  • The Board of Management
  • Parish Liaisons
  • Diocesan Parish Development Officers
  • School for Parish Development

Probationary period

  • Three months
  • Once a month meeting with the Board of Management co-chairs
  • Once a month meeting with the Board of Management

Please email your résumé to [email protected]