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Phase II: Beginning Re-Entry

June 3, 2020 from Stuart Hallam, Debbie Matheson, Brian Mix, Suzi Noetzel, & Craig Wilson  

Since March 17th 2020, St Philip’s has been in Phase I, a time of hiatus. Worship, formation, fellowship and pastoral care are shared online or by phone. Now we look forward to Phase II.  

During this phase, the parish begins the process of re-opening, concentrating its efforts on sanitization of spaces, limited in-person worship, potentially reopening rentals, and more fully opening up the office. Just like reopened businesses, Phase II will not be what we are used to.  

Re-opening might not be appropriate for every parish during this phase. Phase II is a very cautious step forward.  Perhaps some of us will be frustrated at the perceived lack of progress from Phase I to Phase II. Others may feel wary and uncomfortable. Decisions to move between Phases will depend on how the virus is being contained in BC. As we judge the implications of worshipping together, we feel that the cautious path is the best one, starting with these steps:  

  1. Before St Philip’s chooses to apply to re-open, the Rector, Wardens, Trustees and Parish Council will discuss the conditions and recommendations we received from the Diocese.
  2. In addition, Parish Council will carefully consider parishioners’ responses on an online survey.

Please respond to this survey by Monday June 15Survey Link.