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Neighbourhood Ministry: February Street Outreach Report

Submitted by Meg Kwasnicki

On February 24th, Steph and Meg met Suzi at St. Philip’s, picked up packages, sandwiches, fruit, hardboiled eggs and homemade brownies (that were very happily received by all). Suzi had prepared several bags of clothes, shoes and a number of IKEA totes to give out. We also had many McDonald’s gift cards and several remain in the St. Philip’s cupboard. Thank you to Suzi andthe indoor team for their work. We moved on to the fence for 10 a.m.

T., M. and A. were all there and they received the usual packages, underwear, socks, and a McDonald’s gift card each.  M.was a bit incoherent this day (though in good spirits).  He took a pair of pants. A. was able to find a nice pair of running shoes and was very grateful. He will bring us back a pair he got that aren’t quite big enough. 

At 4th and Vine we saw cheery P. and gave him a package and some food.  We met no one else in that area. We then continued east towards the Granville Loop and didn’t anyone under the bridge or in the park, so we drove on to circle 7th, Fir Street and the alleys, where we didn’t see anyone.

Being a bit early to 10th and Fir,  J. was circling the corner at VSB to find us (he noted that we were quite earlyl) and was very happy to receive a package and some food and a gift card.  

Moving east on 10th. we met an older lady who was prepping her cart and self for binning, she didn’t speak much English but was very happy to get some food and a package from us.

Moving down the alley towards McDonald’s, we saw no one there and then went over to the Circle K and met A.  He had a new job starting the next week and was in decent spirits. He took a package and food. Meanwhile an acquaintance of his named Notes (he has musical notes tattooed on his forehead) approached.  He was at present unhoused and took a package,food, a sleeping mat and a blanket. It was his first time meeting us and he seemed a little
reluctant to share too much about himself. 

We moved up to Holy Trinity to check the car park and found no one (not a trace of anyone staying there).   We headed west back to Granville and found no one on the street around 13th  before returning to the school board.  

We kept an eye out for people as we continued west along Broadway to Safeway at MacDonald Street and checked the usual spots there and west on Broadway, but found no one. 

**A note for the ministry leadership: Meg lives in the area and on Friday evening saw from a distance a security guard standing in front of S. while he packed up. Since then (during the past five days) I’ve not seen any of our friends along that stretch as I usually do and wonder if the West Broadway Business Improvement Association might have hired security to move people along. I wonder if it’s worth a call to the West Broadway BIA  to ask more. I regret now that I didn't ask questions when I saw this happening.  For other volunteers, this is information if you don’t see people along that stretch for a while. 

After Broadway we drove to St. Helen’s, where B. was on the Trimble stairs and didn’t want anything. We went to the Dunbar Shopper’s on the way back to St. Philip’s and did not see anyone. 

It was a very quiet day out and we left remaining packages at St. Philip’s and the brownies for their coffee hour. Meg and Steph split remaining food to take home.