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The Neighbourhood Ministry: January Street Outreach Report

Submitted by Kate Mackin


Packets: 16

Dana and Suzi and I met at St. Philip’s on a very rainy Saturday. We loaded up with the usual supplies, as well as McDonald’s cards and some other little goodies.

B. was not visible when we were at St. Helen’s, but we left him a packet, hid some fruit next to his bedroll, and left him a $15 gift card.

At the fence, only A. was waiting for us. It was very wet. A. took a packet, food, fresh socks and shorts, and a gift card. A needs new shoes – he is a size 11.

At 4th and Pine, we saw P. Dana had some good boots he didn’t need, and P. happened to have the same shoe size 9. Dana gave P .his extra boots and we left P. with a packet and gift card as well as a new sweater.

Dana drove us down 4th towards Granville, and we saw no one on the way. We drove around the alleys on either side of Granville and didn’t see anyone.

After parking near the VSB park, we saw J. waiting for his packet and food. We gave him a gift card also.

Then we walked to the alley behind the library and McDonald’s. There we saw S. about his business. S. was in good spirits and told me about a couple inside the McDonald’s that need help. I left Dana and S. to catch up outside, in the lee of the McDonald’s, and I ventured inside to see what was going on. There I met a couple, in their early to middle 80’s. Their energy was powerful and frenetic. They have been evicted and are living in a shelter but are very unhappy there. They did not want to accept any food or goods, but I pressed protein shakes and gift cards upon them and they relented. Their names are P. and E. What they really need is an apartment. If you happen to know of one, please contact Joan Stewart ( or Mary Lymburner (

We saw A. at the Circle K, and we gave him a packet and a gift card. Then we walked to the parking lot under Holy Trinity where a tragedy was still unfolding. Very early Saturday morning a man died in the parking lot, where R., R., and C. had been staying. I did not ask about details but listened and handed out gift cards and chocolate. The three men were quite distressed. We left them with a sleeping bag and mat. They also received socks and underwear, and I managed to give away some sweaters and jackets. All of them need shoes: R. size 10, R. and C. size 12.

After returning to the car, Dana drove us down Broadway to the Safeway at MacDonald. The rain had lessened, but we did not see anyone at the Safeway. A few blocks west we spied C. and S. sheltering under an overhang near the credit union. They accepted packets, gift cards, and for S., ladies boots size 8, a yellow rain shell, and sleeping bag and mat, underpants, and socks.

Further west on Broadway we saw St., who confirms that he is still housed. We gave him a packet, gift card, and fresh food.

Returning to St. Philip’s we returned the remaining clothing items to the clothing cupboard, and the two left over packets and gift cards to the food cupboard.

The remaining fresh food was disposed of in an appropriate manner.


 Neighbourhood Ministry Street Outreach Report for December 30th, 2023

Submitted by Jane Davis

Jane and Joanne met with Suzi at St. Philips at around 9:30 on Saturday, December 30, 2023.  Suzi had prepared 16 “Christmas” carry bags with loaded packages, chocolate bars, extra socks, and Christmas cards with MacDonald’s gift cards. We also had beautiful winter ski gloves to hand out! We took sandwiches, bananas, oranges, eggs, some clothing, two sleeping bags, mats, and one tarp. Joanne brought a goody bag filled with toiletries and Jane brought along some banana chocolate chip muffins! Thanks particularly to Suzi for all her hard work in getting the items together and for getting us organized for our outing. Thanks also to the St.Philip’s parishioners for their generous donations.

We headed out towards St. Helen’s via 10th and Sasamat.  Seeing no one on 10th, we stopped at St. Helen’s and left a bag of goodies for B.

We travelled over to 4th and Highbury and found T, M and A. They were all in good spirits and took a bag, all the food offerings, gloves, underwear, and M took an extra cane (it’s collapsible so he can store it in his backpack until he needs a new one). He had managed to secure another cane during the week, so he now has two!  

We drove up 4th to Vine and met P.  Cheerful as usual!  He had spent Christmas with his daughter but wasn’t sure about New Year’s. He took a Christmas bag, sandwich, fruit, muffin, and gloves (no egg for P!)  Joanne and I purchased a Megaphone. We also met a fellow new to us sitting outside Shoppers. He had just been released from hospital and was roughing it at that moment. He stores his belongings someplace under cover but had recently had quite a few things stolen. He is familiar with the organizations that assist with housing and has someone helping him.  We gave him everything: all the food offerings, some underwear, gloves, sleeping bag, and mat.

We travelled around Granville Loop Park and parked on 5th as Joanne had spotted three people with a cart.  She ran over to them and they followed her to our parked cars.  They were J (nickname Tattoo J), W and M. They took all the food offerings, underwear for the men and M, and gloves. They had recently lost their housing in the Vancouver east side to a house fire. J has been homeless for a good part of 20 years. We told them and most of the people we met on or near Granville Street about the hot breakfast at Odd Fellows on Sunday. We hope they attend this wonderful service!

Next, we drove around 7th and Fir and spotted quite a large tent across from the MPA building under the Fir St. overpass.  We met J and R (hope I got these names correct).  We actually spoke only with J as R was sleeping. We gave J all our offerings, food, and clothing for the two of them. He said he did have someone at Carnegie assisting with housing.

We parked near the VSB park and met J who happily took the food offerings.  We also met R and Sc who each took a Christmas bag, and shavers. R took gloves and a pair of fleece pants.   R is still hoping for a hard toothbrush (not soft or medium).  

We headed over to the Firehall Library and found F (who was new to us) He is housed but bins for extra cash.  A very sweet man who happily took all the food offerings and promised to play his accordion for us the next time we met! (He also plays the piano).

We then hiked over to Hemlock and found C near the MacDonald’s.  We had run out of Christmas bags (Joanne had kept one back for St.), but offered him a sandwich, egg, fruit, underwear, socks, gift card, and gloves.  Joanne then hiked up to Holy Trinity Church and gave J and R (new to us) the rest of the food offerings, underwear, and socks.  Meanwhile I hiked back to my car which was quite a way off, and then drove over to Holy Trinity and gave the two fellows gift cards.  

Finally, we drove back along Broadway looking for people, particularly St, but we didn’t find anyone.


Would You Like to Help in Some Way? Scroll down to see how you can help and to read past monthly street outreach reports by dedicated volunteers. 

Here's one way to help WANM. Please donate some of these items in the Narthex baskets on Sundays:

  • Men's Shoes or Boots sizes 10, 11, 12
  • Winter Rain and Fleece Jackets (men's size med & large, women's size large)
  • Rain Pants and Sweatpants
  • Men’s sports socks, underwear, and long underwear: new, please
  • Gloves and toques.
  • McDonald’s gift cards ($10) for a warming break
  • Sleeping bags (synthetic is best)  Cold Weather Sleeping Bag 
  • Sleeping mats 
  • Tarps (not bright colours)
  • Tents

Food etc: 

  • Ensure, Boost, Meal Replacement & Protein Drinks
  • Protein Bars & soft Cereal Bars
  • Fruit cups & puddings
  • Juice boxes
  • Can openers
  • Canned meat or fish,
  • Razors, travel toothbrushes and toothpaste

Please keep to the list. When we get other items, we must donate them elsewhere, which creates more work for our volunteers. If you are donating used clothing, please make sure it’s in good shape and clean, or it must be thrown away. Please donate food stuffs that will not expire for at least two months. Thank you!

VOLUNTEER for Westside Anglicans Neighbourhood Ministry!

Learn more at and our Facebook page

If the reports inspire you to help, learn more, or become part of an indoor or outdoor team, please contact Joan Stewart at  

We are currently looking for volunteers for both the Street Outreach Programme and the Mobile Care Unit.  

Street Outreach Volunteers go out on the streets one Saturday once a month from 9:30 a.m. - 2:00 p.m. approximately. No car is needed.

Kits Showers is now open at Kits Community Centre and the MCU volunteers go there two Saturdays a month from 7:30 am - 9:00 am. Volunteers need only go once a month to Kits Showers, if that is their preference. 


Neighbourhood Ministry Street Outreach Report for November 4th, 2023

Submitted by Kate Mackin and Jane Davis

Client count: 16

On Saturday November 4th, Jane picked me up at 11th Ave. and Spruce, and she drove us to St. John’s to pick up Simon and additional supplies (rain pants x3). At St Philip’s we met Suzi who kindly provided us with packets, food, carts, and more. As always, we send a heartfelt thank you to the parishioners who donated so many materials. 

Running a little behind, we made haste to 10th and Sasamat, but saw no one at the benches, then to St. Helen’s, where we left food and a packet for B, though we did not see him.

The rain had been heavy on and off, and we did not see any one at the fence or in the covered parking lot next to the fence.

Jane drove us to 4th and Vine, where P was in the usual place. St. Philip’s had given us 12 MacDonald’s cards worth $10 each, and I gave one to P, who took a packet and sandwich, and also to Tim who took a packet.

We walked around the block a bit and across 4th to the Shopper’s but saw no one else. 

After piling back into the car, Jane drove us Eastward on 4th Ave. towards Granville St. We carefully inspected the cloverleaf park from the car but saw no one. Jane drove us around the area where she spied a tent under the Westside overpass to the Granville St. bridge. We approached with caution and met C and D, a couple without a permanent residence who share a tent. We gave them clothes, packets, fresh food, and two gift cards.

Then Jane parked at the accustomed spot near 10th Ave. and Jane and Simon packed the carts.

In the VSB park we met J L, one of our regulars whom we hadn’t seen for at least a year. He was waiting patiently in the rain and was happy to see us.  He took a lovely new all-weather jacket (one of two we gave away which were kindly donated by St. Philip’s parishioners), food and looked at a pair of rain pants but they were a little small for him.  He told us that lots had changed in his life, one of them being he had moved to East Vancouver.  Jane informed him that she had received covid and influenza vaccine notifications for him and did he want her to book them.  He said yes so Jane will book them for him and meet him next Saturday with the information. (At the time of writing of this report, Jane has managed to book his shots.)

On 10th at Granville we saw R and Sc sitting in a doorway, and we gave them packets, food, and gift cards, and shared a little light conversation.

Walking South on Granville, we saw S on a bench on 11th Ave. We gave him food, a packet, clothes and a gift card.

Further down the block we met J who was under a tarp and dressed in yellow wet weather gear. Jason told Jane that he was temporarily without a place to stay and gratefully accepted a packet, gift card, and food.

We walked up Granville to 13th, but there was no one at the Shopper’s. We then walked to Holy Trinity, where R was back in the covered parking garage. He and J were both there in separate tents, and both were thrilled to receive gift cards and clothes. In addition, I gave R a pack of playing cards. By some unhappy chance we were short of packets, so a plan was made to drop off one for each of them after returning to the vehicle.

We walked down Hemlock towards Broadway, and At Circle K we met  A kindly opening doors for customers!  He’s always very cheerful and took some food and a gift card.  We would also drop a package off with him after we stopped at Holy Trinity.

At the defunct restaurant on Broadway, we saw a women with a large amount of clothes, reorganizing them into different bags on the ground. We stopped and asked if she was in need of assistance. She said she did not want our help, so we moved on.

L was in front of the Blenz at Granville and Broadway. We were out of packets at that juncture but were able to give him a sleeping bag and gift card, as well as food. Returning to the vehicle I explained that I needed to leave early to do some other errand, and seeing as how Simon was quite competent, we should split up and I should walk a packet over to L and depart, and Jane and Simon could drive back to Holy Trinity to deliver packets to R and J.

After Kate left us at Granville to take a package over to L, Simon and Jane drove over to Holy Trinity Church and Circle K to drop off the packages we had promised and then headed down Broadway towards Alma.  We spotted J at the Safeway, so we parked in the lot.  We gave him a package, eggs, an orange, and a pair of underwear.  J is housed.  There was another fellow who was standing nearby drinking some beer so we asked him if he would like anything but he said no thanks.  He said he had some problems but he was okay but he was grateful we asked. We then continued down Broadway, past the Dollar Store, past Tim’s and finally we found St at the West Broadway McDonalds.  We gave him the last package, orange and eggs, some underwear, and the last gift card! 

I then dropped Simon off near his place at Oak and 16th.  Although it was a dismal day, we enjoyed our outing and were pleasantly surprised to find as many people as we did!  It was lovely having Simon “shadow” us this Saturday.  He certainly did more than just “shadow”; he was very helpful in every way and seemed at ease with the people we met!  I hope he enjoyed coming as much as we enjoyed his company!


Homelessness Action Week in October, 2023

We acknowledged Homelessness Action Week with an overview of the Westside Anglican Neighbourhood Ministry (WANM) which was started in 2007 when a small group of concerned church members decided that they would like to support the people who are unhoused on the West Side. Currently there are four churches which participate in this Ministry: St Philip’s, St Anselm’s, St Helen’s, and St John’s Shaughnessy. It has two main Components: Street Outreach and Mobile Care Unit (MCU).  Every Saturday morning, two volunteers head out from one of the churches with food, clothing, and camping supplies which they distribute to people whom they meet in the area bordered by Sasamat to Granville and 4th to 13th Ave.

The MCU was founded in 2017 to address needs that could not be met on the street corner. In the early years of the Street Ministry, it became apparent that the clients seen by the volunteers had needs that included assistance with housing applications and medical support. The MCU currently works out of Kitsilano Community Centre on Saturday mornings at the same time as the Kitsilano Shower Program which offers a hot breakfast, showers, and clean clothing. The MCU has both medical and social services components. ( homeless/  The medical team offers basic medical services: wound care, diagnosis, preventative care, assistance with disability applications, and referrals for long term or specialty care. The social services team is composed of church volunteers who receive ongoing training in the range of services available and how to access them. Their assistance includes helping clients obtain birth certificates and other ID, and completing applications for housing, income assistance, Persons with Disabilities, and old-age benefits.

How can you participate in Homelessness Action?

  • Pray for the unhoused members of our society.
  • Take a moment to look at the people sitting on our sidewalks: say hello, give them a toonie, a coffee or a sandwich. That way they will feel less invisible and you might find that this small interaction enriches your day.
  • Consider donating one of the items on the Winter list .


Neighbourhood Ministry Street Outreach Report for October 7th, 2023

Submitted by Steph Martens

Steph and Meg picked up packages, sleeping bags & mats, clothes, toiletries, and food: sandwiches (eight PBJ and eight cheese), bananas, eggs, and some Celebration cookies (which ended up being quite popular) Thanks to Suzi and the St Philip's team for all the offerings this week.

Requests this week were for razors, underpants (not white, if possible), more socks, and long pants for men.

First, we stopped at St Helen’s and left a package for B, who wasn’t around. Then we looped around West 10th & Sasamat, and met two fellows on the corner who declined the offers for food but one of them took an orange.

At the fence we met A and D, but no one else this week. A took two packages (one for his wife) and underwear. He is recovering from surgery and we chatted about this for a while. D took a package, and all the food offerings, and seemed well. 

Then at 4th and Vine we saw P, and gave him a package, a sandwich, and food. Then we saw someone sleeping in front of Whole Foods, could have been T? Apparently, he has been seen at VSB park before. We left him with a package and food, and some clothes as well as a sleeping bag and mat (he was lying on cardboard). Then we met T in front of Shoppers (shivering, though he said he wasn't cold). He took food and a package. He is still waiting for housing and knows to keep on top of it.

We drove down Fourth Ave and looked in the park around the Granville loop as well as under the Granville Bridge area but didn’t see anyone in any of these places. However, when we drove down the back lane near 7th (around where the plywood store used to be) we met B (Steph had met him once before in front of the library). He was struggling with injuries from being hit on the head some weeks ago and was wearing a rib tensor. He was very bent over and walking with some struggle. He was going to get a shower at MPA. We had a longer chat: he seemed to want to talk out some of his traumatic experiences, but was also a little difficult to understand at times. We ended up giving him a tote bag with a package, some sandwiches as well as toiletries, a toque and a cap, and a nice rain jacket that someone had donated.

Then at VSB park we met J and A. A was sleeping and difficult to wake but we chatted to J for a bit. He took food and a package and was grateful. We also gave him a sleeping bag and mat as all his stuff had been stolen recently. He mentioned he was seeking socks that were thinner and not too high. A then woke up. We had left a package near him, and he started practising some of his standup comedy with us, which was quite amusing. We also gave him a sandwich and other items. 

At 10th and Granville, in front of the old Edward Chapman’s store, we saw R and girlfriend R (we think it was R, she looked a bit different). He is still sleeping in the carpark at Holy Trinity. He asked what the best spot was to find us on Saturdays and we said Edward Chapmans was good, as we always walk by there. R and R both took packages and food. R got underwear and long pants, and his girlfriend R took a sleeping mat.  

We didn’t see anyone as we walked the back alley to Broadway, but at Circle K we met two individuals. One was passed out; we had met him before but forgotten his name. We left him a package and sandwich but didn’t wake him. The second fellow was doing some colouring in a book, and his name was R (?). Neither of us had met him before. He told us that he had recently gotten out of the hospital after 11 months (he had been very seriously injured). Walking is difficult but he could ride a bike well. He told us a bit about his life growing up in the Downtown East Side, where he is very familiar with the community. He took a package and food. We had a nice conversation, and he was easy to talk to.

At this point we had one sandwich left (we had given R an extra sandwich or two, he seemed very hungry) and decided to move on to West Broadway (it was also very late - lots of conversations!). We drove west down Broadway and didn't see anyone at Safeway, and St wasn’t at his usual spot either, so we went back to St Philip's. The door was locked so Meg ended up taking leftovers back on Sunday.


Neighbourhood Ministry Street Outreach Report for September 9th,  2023

Submitted by Kate Mackin

Client count: 19

Mary, Suzi and I met at St. Philip’s. Mary and I loaded her car with 16 packets, sleeping bags, some assorted fleece jackets and other clothing, sandwiches, eggs, oranges, etc. and set off for Point Grey Village. Suzi gave Mary four or five McDonalds $10 gift cards to hand out.

We saw D at 10th and Sasamat and he took a packet and food. He complained of being man-handled by police. He also has a chronic shoulder injury. D is aware that his shoulder requires surgery. Then Mary drove us to St. Helen’s, where we did not see B, but his bedroll and belongings were on the porch in uncharacteristic disarray, so we left him a packet.

Mary drove us to the fence, where we saw T, M, and newcomer R. All three men took packets and R accepted a sleeping bag. Sandwiches and toiletries were handed out and the men seemed to be in good spirits.

We then proceeded to the West 4th and Vine location. First we saw R, in front of the McDonald’s at Balsam, who took most of a packet and a $10 gift card. P was in his accustomed spot, vending papers, and he took a packet and a shirt. T was asking for change in front of the Whole foods, and he accepted a packet and other foods, and was pleased by a trial size shampoo I found in the toiletries bag. At the South East corner of 4th and Vine we saw K, who was new to me. K looked like he had had a very bad night indeed, and he gratefully accepted a packet, food, and sleeping bag. In front of the Shopper’s on 4th we saw T, who took a packet and food. T is still hopeful that BC Housing will find a place for him.

Driving down West 4th Ave. eastward we kept our eyes open, looking for any persons in need. By the northbound on ramp to the Granville Bridge we saw a young woman who looked to be carrying many bags containing her belongings, but when we drove around the block in an attempt to see her again, we could not find her.

September 9th was an outdoor market day in South Granville, and so parking was very scarce. Providence provided a prime parking spot directly across from the VSB park on 10th , and we immediately noticed two sets of blue tarps at some distance from each other. The first set proved to be J and A, who were there with their belongingss and carts. We gave them packets, clothes, and listened to a request for a working tent. A has become homeless recently. He is employed. The other tarp and cart set up belonged to a man named A (another A), who appeared to be recovering from drug use. He was not very responsive, but gratefully accepted a packet and food.

Walking towards Granville, Mary and I were struck immediately by the presence of R, S, and W S, “hanging out” on the corner. W recognized Mary. We had not seen him on our outings for some time. Each accepted a packet and food, and we pressed clothing upon the three men. Suzi had included some sweets with the supplies from St. Philip’s and I handed out individually wrapped Godiva chocolates.

The street was bustling with shoppers as we walked up Granville towards the Shoppers. G was seated in front. At that point we had already handed out all the packets. We were able to give G a McDonald’s gift card as well as PB & J sandwich and other fresh food.

We walked back down Granville to 10th and around the block to the Circle K, inspecting the alleyways as we did so. At Circle K we met C, a woman who has been living in a shelter on and off for years. She took food and a gift card and we happened to have a cherry red women’s XL waterproof shell, which was a perfect fit for C. We took a final look around the Southeast block of Granville and Broadway and returned to the car.

Out of packets, but with one gift card left, we kept our eyes open for unexpected persons on the Broadway corridor, but saw no one. We looked for St first in front of the Dollar General, but found him in front of Tim Horton’s. I had noted a black t-shirt with an environmental logo earlier in the day, and so armed with a gift card, t-shirt, and some gummy candies, as well as eggs and oranges, we approached St and wished him well.

Having handed out just about all the goods we had, Mary and I decided that we would part ways at Waterloo so I could do some shopping before returning to South Granville.


Neighbourhood Ministry Street Outing Report for August 12, 2023

by Kate

Client count: 18

Jane and I began by meeting at 11th Ave and Spruce Street and proceeding to St. Philip’s to collect packages, sleeping bags, and miscellaneous food stuffs and toiletries. We then proceeded to 10th and Sasamat to see if anyone was about. I thought I saw D, but if so he must have moved on before we got out of the car because when we reached the benches, no one in need was there and we did not hand out any goods at that location.

Then Jane drove us to St. Helen’s, where we did not see B, but left him a package by his bedroll.

At the fence, T, M and D were in high spirits, and each took a package, as well as water bottles and t-shirts and underpants. T changed into his fresh underpants right away.

At 4th and Vine we loaded the cart and first saw two individuals with a collection of belongings at the McDonald’s. We did not speak to them then and proceeded to P’s corner, and P accepted a package and sandwich, and t-shirt, and Jane purchased a magazine. Then we spotted a man at the eating area beside the Whole Foods. T is his name and he gratefully accepted a package and food, and told us that he was homeless but waiting to hear from Housing BC about finding a place inside.

Across 4th Ave. in front of the Shopper’s was an older man named M sitting on the ground with no belongings and eating a McDonald’s sundae. He accepted a package, food, t-shirt and socks. Also in front of the Shopper’s was T, who took a package and food and socks.

Walking back towards the car, Jane noticed that the couple was still in front of the McDonald’s and made contact. Their names are M and L, but we only spoke with M who told us that he and L have a place Downtown. They took two packages and food.

Then Jane drove us down 4th towards Granville, and we visually inspected the underpass, park, and adjacent alleyways from the vehicle, but saw no one. We then proceeded to the Granville and Broadway area and Jane parked at Granville between 12th and 13th. We saw G in front of the Shoppers straight away and he accepted only a sandwich from Jane.

We then walked down Granville towards Broadway and decided to loop around the South East side of the block behind the VPL and look around at the Circle K, where we ran into B and R, who each took a package and food and socks. We then walked Southwards down Hemlock and looped back towards the park behind the VSB, where I approached a woman sitting on a bench with a backpack of belongings. Her name is E, and she took a package and food. We were then approached by J, who asked us about the whereabouts of S and R, whom we had not seen that day, but whom I had seen around earlier in the week. J was excited to receive one of each items we had with us: sweatpants, t-shirt, package, food. While we were talking with E and J, and explaining the information card, we spotted a couple taking shade under a golf umbrella and tarps on the grass of the park on the West side. We approached them carefully and asked if they needed food. They replied that they did need food, and clothes, and so we handed out what we had; packages for both, sweatpants and t-shirts for both, water and toiletries. Their names are J(sp?) and C. J was fussing over C, and said he was suffering from neck pain due to sleeping in an awkward position, but I caught a glimpse of C’s face and the left side was swollen and the left eye completely shut.

We then returned to the car, drove a little way to a side street and stopped to give water to Penny the dog and at the same time make a quick inventory of our dwindling supplies.  We ascertained that at that point we had given out all the packages, but that we still had sandwiches, clothes, water and food for St, and hoped that it would be enough.

Jane drove us down Broadway, and we looked for anyone, especially at the Safeway at MacDonald, but saw no one until we spied St in front of the Shopper’s on Broadway. St seemed the worse for the heat and in down spirits, but he accepted what food and clothing we had without rancor.

With no packets to return to St. Philips, Jane dropped me off at Broadway and Fir as I had an errand to do, and that was our day!

Thanks to all our donors who make this ministry possible!

Mission Statement of the Westside Anglican Neighbourhood Ministry

“Mutual Transformation” 

Reviewed by the Board of Management: Nov 23, 2021

  • We aim to show love and kindness to our homeless and vulnerable neighbours on Vancouver’s Westside, simply by being a non-judgmental, reliable presence in their lives
  • We aim to be a bridge for them to access medical and social services which are inaccessible due to physical, mental health, and economic challenges and circumstances.
  • We hope that the hearts of our volunteers and those who witness our work are transformed; that they become even more compassionate and committed by our weekly outreach and care to address the chronic crisis of homelessness.


The Neighbourhood Ministry was started in 2007 when a small group of concerned church members decided that they would like to support the people who are unhoused on the West Side. The response that they got from many was “there aren’t any homeless people on the Westside”. But then these same people started to look around them: there’s someone outside Shoppers on Dunbar, and at the corner of 4th and Vine, etc. They realised that the issue wasn’t that there weren’t any unhoused people in our neighbourhood, it was just that they didn’t SEE them. I believe that that is the same, to a greater or lesser degree, for all of us. As we go about our busy lives, the homeless people become almost invisible and I’m sure that sometimes they feel that way too.

The Mobile Care Unit (MCU) continues to provide bi-monthly medical and social services at St. Augustine’s, Marpole, 5:00 pm to 7:30 pm on Thursdays. Dr. Stephanie operates the medical services side of the MCU, which offers basic medical services (wound care, diagnosis, preventative care, assistance with disability applications, and referrals for long term or specialty care).  More than 15 people were served by the MCU in June, with services ranging from disability, diabetic and dietician information assistance to housing, CPP, tax claims, birth certificate and ID applications.

How is the Neighbourhood Ministry Funded? 

The Westside Anglicans Neighbourhood Ministry (WANM) is a collaborative effort of four Westside Anglican parishes (St. Anselm’s, St. Helen’s, St. John’s Shaughnessy and St. Philip’s), all under the Diocese of New Westminster.

Each church contributes $2,500 annually to the WANM. St. Philip's contribution comes out of the Outreach Budget. The rest of the funding for WANM comes from grants. In 2018 and 2019 this Ministry received a Care and Share grant. In 2020 it received a grant from the City of Vancouver and recently it was awarded $10,000 from the Union Gospel Mission's Christian Leader's Fund. The WANM expenses include, but are not limited to, staffing (Rev'd Liz Hamel worked as Program and Volunteers Manager from Fall 2020 to June 2021), office supplies, sleeping bags and other camping gear, Christmas Outreach, individual support (eg moving-in expenses for a client) and funding for meal programs at the Dunbar Apartments.  The food supplies that go out every week are collected by each church individually and mainly donated by their parishioners. St Philip’s has also maintained its own separate Neighbourhood Ministry account funded by Outreach in order to purchase items we may need, but in 2023 the funding for these purchases will come from the WANM.  

The accounting for the WANM is on St Philip’s books. When looking at the St Philip's financial reports, you will see the WANM and the NM reflected in two areas: these are two different pots of money.

Photos of WANM volunteers taken by WANM volunteers. Stock photos of men: colour photo by Clay LeConey  and black & white photo by Matt Collamer available without licence on Unsplash