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We are pleased to announce that the Neighbourhood Ministry has resumed! On August 29, we sent out our first team since Covid closures.  

What we are able to give and how we are able to deliver it has changed a bit, but it’s good to be up and running again. When we shut down operations in March, we donated all the food and most of the clothing items we had to various shelters. We are now restocking! We currently need cans of meat or fish; soft cereal bars (think Nutrigrain: avoid nuts & seeds); protein bars; juice boxes: fruit or pudding cups; nutrition drinks (Ensure, Boost) and clean socks.    

We are donating clothing items to one of the shelters on Hornby Street so we are also collecting basic clothing, mostly for men - shirts, pants, sweatshirts, rain jackets & pants, boots, and runners. Things like suit coats, skirts, dresses, & heels are nice, but not practical for those living on the street.  

There are drop off bins on St. Philip’s porch where you can leave your donations. If you would like to contribute but aren’t able to make it to St. Philip’s, we have volunteers who can stop by to pick up. Contact Rhona Thornton at [email protected] or leave a message in box 304 at St. Philip’s.

Thank you for your ongoing support of this important work!