St. Philip's Post, September 2016

Please find attached the September issue of the St. Philip's Post containing the most recent news and events of the past few months. Enjoy. Read More


Seniors Cafe - Update and coming events

The Café offers friendly conversation, a quiet reading corner, and informal social activities. Find a partner for a board game or jigsaw puzzle. Join a small group for drawing and painting. A popular feature of our... Read More


Neighbourhood Ministry

Dale, Carol and Tim set off from St. Anselm's well provisioned (thank you Kin), dropped off a packet for Blaire at St. Helen's and down to the beach. No luck at the beach. No one in the portico or Jericho youth... Read More


Pop-ups, a creative approach to Christian Education

Ever noticed that ideas and questions about faith just pop up out of the blue– maybe following a conversation, a news item, national debate or something said in a sermon? Often others are quietly wrestling with or... Read More